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    Hey guys i just switched out my pre for a new one due to a blown speaker and am trying to get everything back onto my phone. When i go into the app catalog to re-download some apps, most of them aren't there. it only shows 272 apps. i would like to get the zombie game back but it is not there, i really like that game, it get me through physics . I am running Web OS 1.3.1 No i am not getting errors, i have tried via Wi-Fi or Ev-Do. I had to re-add my credit info which i thought was weird b.c it is not stored on the phone. Any thoughts or is everyone else only seeing 272 apps? Thanks.
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    I just got a replacement today and upgraded to 1.3.1 and I only have 157 apps in the app catalog. Anybody know what the issue is?
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    I ended up doing a battery pull andit fixed the issue. Now to deal with the issue of my palm profile missing every phone number that has a different area code than my own
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    mine only shows 158 now...just switched out my phone after power button stopped working (may or may not have dropped it a few times)...been having the issue since I switched out the phone...the swap out was otherwise extremely smooth, very impressed by the seamless switch out (I use google as my main contact backup)...but memos, tasks, calendars, etc, all came to the new phone without problems...most of the apps came too, except those that aren't showing up in the app catalog right now
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