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    Motion Apps recommended not migrating my current user-id from Tungsten T5 to Classic on Palm Pre like I wanted. They recommend creating a new Pre user-id and copying data from the old user-id to the new user-id .


    But, where does data and applications for the old and new user-ids get stored by Palm Desktop on my PC? It looks like everything is in "C:\Program Files\palmOne\ED\Backup" but nothing is differentiated by user-id. How can I copy all my old memos from my old user-id to my new user-id ? Etc.?

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    Give this name change some serious thought before you go through with it. Do you have any purchased software that looks for your user ID to validate registration?

    While I agree that you don't want to just switch devices, and start hotsyncing everything from your old device to the Pre (this would be VERY bad), the new name thing may not be in your best interests, either.

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    Your are so right. I hadn't even thought about that.

    So, now what?

    I have to sync as my existing user-id but Motion Apps is telling me not to.
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    Well, it's in MotionApps best interest to talk you into a fresh start -- it will give you a better chance at stable operation. But, since the whole point of Classic is to provide a bridge to folks who can't yet give up their PalmOS apps, it's not a realistic request.

    If you're going to assign your old Palm user name to Pre Classic, though, you will no longer be able to sync your old Palm device to the same computer.

    I haven't thought through the following procedure fully, so you'll have to do that, and fit to suit your needs. But, I'd try something like this:

    1. Do a Last Sync (with as much ceremony as you like), and then copy your Palm folder from the Program Files folder (I'm assuming your on a PC, not a Mac?) to somewhere safe.

    2. Do you need to install new desktop software? I did, since I was using a TX, and Classic assumes a Palm phone of some sort.

    2a. Do you have software that has its own conduit and destop software? Uninstall that from your computer after saving your user files.

    3. Uninstall your palm desktop software, and then remove the palm folder (again) from the Program Files. The main reason for removing the folder is so the upcoming install will be fresh. You probably don't need this folder since you already have a safe copy.

    4. Do a clean install of the correct palm desktop software.

    5. Use Hotsync ID in Classic to set your ID on the device, then get the syncing going with the desktop. At this point, you're syncing essentially blank PIM files. I suggest turning off the "backup" option in hotsync at this point.

    6. Once the syncing is working, start bringing in old files from the old Palm folder, starting with the PIMs. See that they're looking good in the palm desktop, and then sync to the Pre with "desktop overwrites handheld".

    7. Now, one at a time, install software that has its own conduits, and get those syncing. Do this without any of your user files at first. Then, test it with one user file. If it's working, then load 'em up.

    8. Repeat 7 as needed.

    If anyone sees glaring holes in that, point 'em out. Like I say, I didn't exactly follow that procedure myself, but I think it should work. Think it through for yourself, first.


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