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    Mobile Wait Times Now Available On Palm Pre & Palm Pixi Phones

    Mobile Wait Times Now Available On Android, Palm Pre & Palm Pixi Phones

    a mobile website that serves up WDW wait times for every attraction in all four parks

    go visit Lines, Disney World Wait Times From
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    My wife and I are going next week! Thanks
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    Cool, thanks!
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    That sounds great! go pre
    Live the Pre life.
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    That came out quicker for the Pre than I thought it would! I knew the iPhone had one (I love going to Disney). Too bad it came out after my two trips this year (well, the Pre also came out after one of them, LOL). Next time, though!

    Whoops, went to the link after I wrote the above paragraph. The link is to a Web site, not an app.
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    Thats pretty cool
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    I would really love to see an Official App, like on the iPhone, rather than just a mobile site.

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