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    A friend of mine just got the new Moto Droid. He has a couple features on it that I think us pre users would really have a ball with.

    1.) First is that famous Bar Code Reader. It can scan just about any bar code and do a search on the net and find the cheapest price around for that item.
    2.) They have some type of feature that you can speak a word, name, brand, etc and it will do a search for it via the web.

    He showed me those 2 today and I was amazed! I am only guessing that the pre doesn't have any apps like that simply because I have not found or heard of anything like that yet... If anyone knows of these types of apps already available, please let me in on it!

    If the pre doesn't have anything like that, I am officially requesting them right now!
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    The Pre camera cannot focus close enough for a bar code reader. The Pixi, however, seems to be able to.

    The second isn't available yet because of SDK limitations.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    If you do a search for this in the forums you will find that this is not possible on the Pre at this time due to limitations with API/SDK.
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    ok, thx for the extra fast replies! Well they sound like they would be cool on the pre! The Droid is looking really good these days..
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    lol...omg I think every droid user shows the exact two features off to everyone! Its sad though because my old Palms Treos had a bar code reader app as well. Hopefully these apps will become available as the sdk matures...
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    Without Autofocus, this will never work

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