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    Greetings everybody,

    Sorry if this has been covered already. I searched but didn't find anything here or anywhere.

    I am trying to replace my Palm Tungsten T5 with Motion Apps Classic running on my Palm Pre. I want to migrate all of my Palm Tungsten T5 applications and data to Motion Apps Classic running on my Pre, actually if I can get these I'll be happy: all of my contacts, all of my memos, Olive Tree Bible Reader, and Secret! Then I won't have to carry 2 devices.

    I tried by setting the Classic HotSync ID to the same as my T5, and it seems to synch a lot of stuff, but it always crashes with "HotSync Error: Connection is lost (6410)" which requires a Hard Reset to fix.

    Then I tried changing the HotSync ID to a temporary name, which fixed the crash problem, but of course I didn't get any applications or data synchronized.

    So, I changed the HotSync ID back to my name and deleted the temporary user from Palm Desktop, but now I'm getting "Duplicate user names are not permitted. The user, '####' already exists on this PC.

    Any thoughts or random ideas?
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    Don't set the HotSync ID in Classic. Just do a hard reset, and then hotsync. On the first hotsync, your PC will ask you which Hotsync ID to use.

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