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    I know a lot of ppl are not really impressed with the features included in the new Facebook app. To me, it looks like Palm is setting this app up to be integrated very intimately with WebOS. We already see this in the way they integrated photo albums into the photo app. Here are some other areas I'd like to see Palm integrate FB into WebOS

    -Universal Search: We already have integrations here for Google, Google Maps, Wiki, Twitter. It'd only make sense to integrate FB search here.

    -Messaging: One of the most common gripes with all FB apps so far is that they don't include chat. Integrating the FB chat right into the messaging app would be the best way to accomplish this.

    -Email: The existing email app can be used to pull data from your FB inbox.

    -Contacts: We already have FB synergy in contacts, but this might be a good area to link into profile pages on FB.

    What do you guys think? Is this a good thing? Or, do you think this is too much integration btwn FB and WebOS?
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    palm advertised synergy when introducing the pre, and then they advertised their partnership with facebook. since the pre doesn't have the features you suggested, i felt like like palm copped out, and that synergy with facebook was half assed.

    today i was pleasantly surprised when an event i said that id be attending on facebook popped up in my phone's calender, but i was disappointed again when i tried to press the address and nothing happened... i was waiting for google maps or sprint navigation to pop up to the address.

    the pre is the best phone i've ever had, and one of the best on the market, but even so, its not totally living up to my built up expectations for it

    maybe with another os update...

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