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    Hi, does anybody knows if the Amazon MP3 store is currently available in the UK (GSM) version of the Palm Pre? I got my Pre last week and I cannot see it in the Music app --the space where I know it should be is empty. Is it because of the WebOS version currently available (1.1.3 I think is the latest I could get)? or is it just an annoying legal problem thing in the UK? Or is my Pre screwed up? Thanks.
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    its not screwed, it didnt appear until 1.2.1 but we wont know if its available to us until we get 1.3.1, so far palm havent said anything
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    Its unlikely we will get it in the UK, I have a G1 which has the Amazon MP3 store in the US version but not any version outside the US.

    I must admit I would like a music streaming / buying app for the Pre that works in the UK.
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    why don't we have access to Amazon MP3 Store? I buy from them all the time and would love to have access on my Pre.

    I'm very disappointed with Palm and how they're treating Europe. why do we have to wait sooooo long to upgrade from 1.1.3?! why can't we have a MP3 store?? my Pre is a mere shadow of the US one (no Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Mp3 store, etc etc)
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    I also bought a Palm Pre, only to find out that it didn't come with the Amazon mp3 store.

    I don't believe this to be a Palm problem though, I don't think the Amazon UK has released an app for selling UK albums over-the-air. I think at the moment the only app available from amazon UK is for iphone. It's an app that lets you buy anything though.

    What I wouldn't give to be able to buy songs and download them straight to the pre. This there anything that can be done? Can I not use the US version somehow, and pay in dollars?



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