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    i was wondering if its hard to make an app to compare price of different items
    sorta like the g1 promotion app ..scan the bar code and you can check were they are currently selling that item for. or the iphone app that you take a picture and it will look for the prices of the product.
    how hard would it be?
    specially for the holidays this would be a good app
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    Yes, this would be great. Android already has one.
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    the barcode scanning part would be difficult because the SDK doesn't support analyzing pixels of pictures. I suppose that it would be possible to upload the picture to a server and do the analyze server side, however i don't have the programming skills to do that. Perhaps someone else on the forums does
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    I'd like an app like this, and I'd be okay just typing in the brand/model. (Do these apps include food comparisons?)

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