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    MY clock runs 5-10 minutes FAST!!!

    Does this happen to anyone else???

    I fix it every day or so but it always speeds up eventually.
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    Are you sure it's not the phone updating from the network time, and not the clock 'running fast'? It does this constantly. I even have my phone updated within 30 seconds of crossing a timezone while driving.
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    I had to turn off network time YESTERDAY on O2 in the UK because my clock was about 8mins fast and I was about to leave work early!!!
    Turned off network time and it seems fine now.

    How odd!
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    HAH ! mine does that too !

    I have NETWORK time OFF, on purpose.

    Im a little OCD and like to have all of my clocks 10 minutes fast so I can avoid being late anywhere

    but its gets confusing, because Ill notice that the PRE every now and then is running anywhere from 3-5 minutes faster than the other clocks I have running fast !

    Difficult knowing the real time anymore
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    Network time/time zone is useless on o2, I never have it on anymore too much hassle! My times were all over the place.
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    I started with no network time and no network time zone. It ran too fast. No I have network time on, but network time zone off and it runs fine now. (It's a 1.1.3 German Pre in the Netherlands)
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    your pre just wants to be on time
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Funny you mention this. My pre has always been dead on with the time display of the cable box and the atomic clock synchronized clock in the bedroom. For the first time this Saturday morning the pre showed itself to be 2 minutes ahead of them. I turned off network time, set it back two minutes and then returned it to network time. So far it remains in sync with the other time sources.

    Rather odd.
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    If you turn on Pandora, and then run the STOPWATCH/Timer program you'll see that the clock is NOT accurate... The milliseconds and seconds runs all out of whack...

    Try it....

    Yes, I finally Prewared and patched the hell out of my phone I could not take it anymore, build quality is still crap...

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