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    I searched and was unable to find. If this has been covered I'm sorry please jus leave a link to where it has been covered for I sure haven't seen it. Anyways I have a friend with a hero. I like my phone waaay better lol but he can change his twitter profile pic with his htc twitter app is that possible with any of the webos apps. Tweed Twee? Any of them?
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    its funny you posted this, i was just wondering the same thing
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    now we just need an answer lol!
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    I'm not much help, but I can confirm it is not possible with Tweed.
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    you were a big help. One twitter app down just need to know about the rest. Thanks I appreciate your response!
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    I don't know for sure, because I'm still waiting for my Pre to arrive, but I doubt any app has this feature right now. Most people won't use it; with camera's on the back of a phone it's less easy to create a self portrait for example. Not impossible tho, but I think most Developers out there try to focus on the more important functionality first (just a hunch).

    It shouldn't be too difficult to add, Developers have access to the Camera/Photos, can upload Files and the Twitter API allows it. Maybe you should send in a request to a Twitter App Developer?
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