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    So I have noticed that there are alot of patches out there but there are very few patches that please everyone. My idea will allow your average user to customize already created patches to better suit them.

    It will allow the avearge user change little things about the patch to make it more customizable.

    Example: There is a Calander Alarm Snooze Duration Patch out there which is very helpful. It has specific snooze duration times coded into the patch, but not everone wants these specific times. If the user could input the the Snooze Duration Times they want through this app then the Pre could become the most customizable phone ever.

    This idea would incorporate any patch that sets customizable variables.

    another feature of this app would be to allow the user to select specific parts of patches which they want to apply to their Pre.

    This would be a pretty big undertaking and would have to be discussed indepth before any programing could begin. This might be a good App for the likes of WebOS Internals to look into considering they already have most of the backbone implamented for something like this.

    So What do you think?
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    I think it sounds like a great idea. I think the key is 'the average user'. There are users out there anywhere from slightly smarter to waaaaaaaaaaay smarter than me who could actually do that right now for themselves. I however, am not smart enough for that and would love to see something like this. I think all the smarties out there ( and I mean that with the utmost respect) assume that we 'not so smarties' know what all these crazy terms and commands mean. Im so confused half the time i pray I never have a problem with my phone cuz Id be screwed. So, if anyone out there reads this and starts the ball rolling, keep in mind to develop it as though it were going to be used by a 6 year old. Cuz when it comes to technical smarts, 'the average user' knows A LOT less than you assume. I think....or maybe im just dumb

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