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    I was hoping, wishing, praying that someone could make an app or some kind of software to download audio(mp3) or video(mp4) (your choice) straight into the pre's built-in video and music player?? This would be awesome. The yt2v app sucks and is totally useless/irrelevant. No offense.
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    you can do it with the browser multi mod patch
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    thanks bro. Audio too?
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    or there is a awesome patch from jason R.. Is thw you tube dowoad patch you can download the videos from youtube to your video app!!!
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    never heard of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyo3221 View Post
    never heard of it
    You should check it out bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennys.pre9 View Post
    You should check it out bro.
    I have had problems getting it to work for me. On the other hand the patch works just fine. No it doesn't save just in audio format.
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    i can not get the browser multi mod patch to install from preware or quick install are there any known compatibility issues with any other patches i should know about?

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