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    Following on another thread in the Pre forum, I was thinking what would be great is to have an app/utility that can tell you what's running, polling outside data points, and draining battery and perhaps able to sort in the order of the the battery drain.

    Also, with the notification systems, I've continued to notice that apps like email and Concerts continue to poll for updates even when I've told them not to. This kind of utility would also allow us to see what's still polling and compare to the individual settings of each application.

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    you're probably thinking of something along the lines of a task manager, but I do agree that it's something we need for this phone. I would like to see this become part of the OS at some point, but I'd probably pay for a good utility that gave me information like this.
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    I'd pay for this as well.
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    They got an app on preware called JSTop which does what you want.

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