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    after 3.5 install, flightview is showing in list of "my apps" to update but keeps saying download failed (yellow triangle)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    after 3.5 install, flightview is showing in list of "my apps" to update but keeps saying download failed (yellow triangle)
    Same here.
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    I have webdoctored my phone and restored it several times.... I still have my free version of Flightview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpdamas View Post
    Same here.
    +1 and to add insult to injury, it doesn't show up in the "list apps" section of the launcher menu, so......

    I can't delete it to reload it, even if I had to pay to re-load it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have the same issue also...any update?
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    Hold the Orange Key and Tap the Flightview link will remove it from launcher...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlightView View Post
    As a representative of FlightView, I'm happy to say that your free FlightView app will now be treated as if you paid for it. So if you delete it from your device, you'll be able to download it again for free. Also, as we roll out new versions, you will be able to download those for free. This was one of the advantages of downloading the app as part of the beta program.
    Lies! I had to Partial Erase my Pre due to Palm's SMS bug and now the app is gone, requiring I spend $5. I don't appreciate Palm removing apps from my phone without permission.

    What a joke. Flightview, take your $5 and shove it up your hole. I downloaded your free app and I want it back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prebulls View Post
    just add more features like international flights and I'm sure business or heavy users won't mind paying $5.

    no sense in limiting the number of flights to me.

    just my $0.02
    Flightview is pretty useless without international flight tracking. I don't need it to tell me my flight to Atlanta is 10 minutes late.
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    any word from the developer when they are going to update this app?
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    Just out of curiousity, I went to check on FlightView in the app catalog, and there it was with the "Download for Free" button! I had the free version from the homebrew section for the longest time. I doctored my pre when the 1.4 version came out. Once my backup restored, flightview couldn't/wouldn't install. So I deleted the icon/app. When I went to look at the catalog it was available to me for free.
    Btw, I installed it from the catalog 3 days ago.
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