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    I've used Launchpoint since it was a Homebrew app and love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by john doyle View Post
    going to grab launcpoint
    you'll love it!
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    I've been very happy with PhotoDialer, although I haven't tried any of the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdvike View Post
    Audemars02 and HovisB, do you get the long load time when opening the app like I do? Usually, I am a patient man, but I feel a dialer needs to load faster then that. Also when you leave it open, do you see battery drain?
    Thanks in advance.
    I leave QC open much of the time and don't notice any difference in battery drain.

    It does take a few seconds to open up but not as long as some have reported, no worse than any other app, however when you want to call, you want to call so that is why I leave the QC card open

    I have replaced the dialer on the quick-launch bar with QC and works great for me.
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    Launchpoint is one of my FAVORITE apps. Well worth the cost, and developer very responsive.
    Works like nothing else!
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    Thanks for the pros and cons of these speed dial programs. I just downloaded the LaunchPoint and so far it is pretty cool!
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    What is the CURRENT opinion? Specifically between Quick Contacts and Photo Dialer?

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