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    From HotSync 'help':

    "To set up your device for a network HotSync operation

    Turn on your device and tap the Applications launcher icon.
    Tap the HotSync icon.
    From the HotSync dialog on your device select the Network button.
    Tap the list below the HotSync button and select a desktop computer to sync with."

    There IS no 'HotSync' icon in my Pre!! I've looked and looked and looked,did I mention that I looked??
    I can list all the icons but please just take my word for it. The closest thing I have to that is 'backup'.

    Im attempting to HotSync via network because via USB

    When I set up HotSync software for the 1st time I got a prompt to plug in then push the button on the USB, which I did,then NOTHING.

    Im happy with the Pre but this 'HotSync' software is more like 'HotStink' and Im getting fed up with it.

    Where is this mysterious 'HotSync' icon on my Pre?

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    The Pre does not have a HotSync button. It was not designed to work with Palm Desktop. All webOS products Sync with your Palm Profile and/or your e-mail/exchange/IM/Facebook accounts.

    For desktop sync you need to look at 3rd party products like Pocket Mirror, Companion Link or others...check the app catalog.

    But keep in mind that the whole idea of desktop sync with Palm devices is gone....they have moved on to the "cloud" model. A great move in my opinion.
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    The "hotsync" being referred to is not in WebOS on the Pre, but rather in the Classic PalmOS emulator software that you can download, and ultimately purchase for $30. That software is the subject of this particular sub-forum.

    In general, Classic is for people familiar with PalmOS; i.e. people who have previously owned a PalmOS device like the Centro, or Treo, or Palm TX, etc., and want to continue using PalmOS apps and data.

    If you have Classic on your Pre, and still need help finding Hotsync, etc., let us know.

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    If you are running a GSM Pre 1.1.3, then the Hotsync app within Classic is not there yet.

    Although you may have Classic 2.0, you need Pre 1.2.1 to be able to hotsync.
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway

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