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    Hi , i have posted this already in the Gsm Palm Pre section , but not answered yet , my question is the following is there a way of getting Piloc to install on webos , because i am portuguese and unfortunately palm has forgotten about us , so i am trying to find a way of installing my native language on palm pre , thanks...
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    I would be very surprised if there was any way to make Piloc work under WebOS. Classic may (or may not) support Piloc, but WebOS almost certainly will not.
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    I have Piloc for Russian working in Classic.
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    I made russian localization
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    hi.i would like use spanish on classic,but it doent work.
    i tried using other tranlation packs ,almost it works this way on my old zire 31,where i used the z72 files.
    some advice for install and create a translation


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