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    Any fields with a scroll bar down the side are difficult to navigate due to the small tap target that the scroll arrows represent. Is there another way we could scroll up/down (single-line) without having to use the arrows?

    It seems like the Pre's keyboard is not being used when not in text entry mode; could the keyboard be repurposed for scrolling (and all sorts of other stuff, when you think about it) when not in "keyboard mode"?

    This issue is a specific case of the more general problem of the PalmOS offering (and apps expecting) much higher screen tap resolution. While the larger issue may not be fully addressable, I think this specific case of scrolling warrants special attention since it's common to a lot of apps.

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    I'd also like to add to this request-

    The option for a "page up" and "page down" and a "home" and "end" shortcut.. I sometimes hate scrolling through long pages to get to a section at the bottom.. Just let me hit an "end" key!
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    I feel your pain with regard to scrolling especially in Contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorzeph View Post
    I feel your pain with regard to scrolling especially in Contacts.
    Actually, it was your mention of it in another thread that prompted my post. (I meant to credit you, but obviously forgot.) I thought this issue deserved a thread of its own, especially when you think of all the functions the keyboard might serve when not in "text" mode.

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    install the browser multi adds all of these features you are looking for.

    edit: sorry i misread your post, this patch adds those features but only to the browser..not anything else. This would be nice though.
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    More often than not, I find myself attempting a webOS style flick scroll up the screen, before I realize "oh yeah, this is classic". It's probably not feasible, or perhaps would be seen as contrary to the mission of being a true emulator, but I'd love to see this functionality ported over to classic. I already see some concessions made in the interst of "best of both worlds", and I for one would welcome certain browsing features in this post-stylus era.

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