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    How the heck do I twit pics using Twee? Trying to use Twitpic and it never asks for my twitpic login with pin number so how are you supposed to do it?
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    It should automatically get the correct settings in the newest versions.
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    Must be something wrong with Twitpic because Tweed isn't letting me tweet a pic either, times out.
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    Just posted two different pics, one with Twee & the other with Tweed and they both show up on the Net, in Tweetdeck, and in the Pre apps.
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    Yeah nevermind it works now I dunno, just a temporary hiccup or something.
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    I had it not working for a bit too, restarted my phone and it worked again.
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    Posting pictures from Twee work really good over WiFi, but it has problem on EVDO because it times out. The developer was working on a fix for that last time I heard from him.

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