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    I need someone’s help please. I use a lot of homebrew apps but once they hit the official Palm App Catalog I delete them and download them from Palm’s catalog. Well, I just purchased the Concert Finder app now that it’s official and it doesn’t download to my Pre. The download process goes on without a hitch but once it’s done it says “download again for free” I keep trying and get the same message. Anyone know how to fix this or what may be causing this? If so, please email me ASAP at SirPsycho84gmail.comThanks!!!!
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    I've seen several people talking about this issue. I've heard of some people resolving it by restarting the phone and then the installation process goes through without a hitch. I'm not sure what's causing the behavior.

    If restarting the phone doesn't fix it, then maybe try giving Palm support a call at 1-877-426-3777. They're supposed to be able to help with any issues downloading and installing apps.

    If you or anyone has a better answer please let me know.

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