Anyone get this to work? Here's my first experience:

I stumbled across the "Alarm" preference in Classic's preferences, and figured out that needs to be on. Then, I went into NVBackup, set a scheduled backup to occur within ~10 minutes, closed Classic, and let the screen shut off on its own.

Of course, 10 minutes is much longer than my attention span. So, about 40 minutes later I turned my phone on to find Classic was still running in the foreground, with App icons randomly flashing in a seizure-inducing pattern. A calendar alert had come in, and shortly after dismissing it, the phone reset itself.

Thinking the calendar alert may have complicated matters, I tried another timed backup -- this time paying attention -- and pretty much got the same behavior (flashing icons), but without the reset. The icon flashing kept on for ~15 minutes until I closed Classic (note the phone seemed otherwise responsive this time). A backup appeared to have happened both times, though I didn't do anything to check for its accuracy.

When I do a manual backup, it takes ~20s, and acts normally like it did on my TX.