Looks very nice, and operates smoothly... hopefully it will see some functionality refinement in a timely fashion.

Not much to say about a solitaire game... it's a basic game that hasn't changed a lot. Solitaire apps/programs really only have one job and it should be done well.

This version is a good start, but the missing ability to drag the cards around and drop them where you want them feels strange to me. You're also locked into landscape mode, but I figure this must be temporary as there is a non-functioning option for accelerometer use.

Flicking the aces to move them up top is a nice move.

Recommendation: Your call, really. Lacking drag and drop is going to keep me using the super old homebrew Solitaire for now. I don't regret spending the $1.99, though... presuming this app gets some love from its developer(s).