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    I am sorry Motionapps but your latest version is now officially buggy for me. I thought it was just the epocrates, skyscapes installed, but i hard reset countless times WITHOUT anything on it and it still hangs up, and it even gave be an illegal operation on the Calendar app. And everytime i launch it, even close it, my Pre just CRAWLS. Just had another reset now after closing it.

    Is there anyway i can go back to the previous version?

    I really did not care much about the Hotsync, but the previous versions worked really well for me.

    Thanks Motionapps. I know you will understand. And i know you continue to work on this. Just for now, it isnt working right for me. and i need this for my Job. Thats why i never hesitated paying the $30 for it.
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    Classic has the potential to be great if MotionApps would fix the problems AND these problems are big. The application freezes constantly, becomes unresponsive, causes the Pre itself to freeze up, and causes the Pre to continue to be sluggish even after closing Classic. I've found when I get done with Classic I have to reset my Pre just to keep it responsive and from acting strangely. Frankly, Classic isn't usable in its current state, and it doesn't appear MotionApps is doing anything to fix it - these problems have been in existence for a month now.
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    I've got these problems as well. At various times Classic will crash upon opening. It will crash when the card is still open but with no open programs so I can get to it quickly. It will crash using "certified" apps. I've tried Safe, Normal, Turbo etc to no avail. I also don't understand why the Pre is unusable for a minute or so after closing Classic. I find myself rebooting often just because I'm suspicious that Classic isn't releasing all its memory. Hotsync is crucial for me so even if rolling back were an option, it wouldn't be worth it.

    Especially considering this is by far the most expensive program on my Pre, I hope Motionapps will fix these!

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