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    If this is posted in the wrong spot I apologize. My confusion is with the lack of apps at this point in the Pre's life cycle. I have Filecoaster, Preload, and Preware for Homebrew Apps and love the free apps I have accumulated so far.The Pre's biggest competitor is the iPhone and the only reason I find that phone desirable is the apps. My confusion is why the most sought after and downloaded apps for the iPhone haven't already been converted for the Pre! Do the existing apps take that long to redevelop for a new phone? Or are they just ignoring us Pre owners? I'm just tired of seeing cool apps on an iPhone, knowing my Pre could handle them.
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    its got to do with palm not releasing all the API of palm pre. Its not difficult for developers who have devoleped for iphone to develop for the WebOS or its not that they are ignoring the pre. its just that Pre has not released the APIs yet. the more apis they release the better apps we will see.

    For example the mic and the camera API are still not released for voice command apps or the augmented reality apps.
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    Friggin' get with it, Palm! We have expectations that aren't being met, but I am still on your side....just wish we had voice dial and flash support....cmon!
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    i'm no developer by any means but my total guess is:

    1. not enough users to justify building for it. (likely less then a million when Iphone sold over 7 million in the last quarter alone).
    2. Palm did a poor job getting people to build for it by launch date.
    3. Palm erroneously thinks that they have lots of time. I don't think so since there is so much competition. But deep down i think by June of next year WebOS may be where i expected it to be at launch. That said by then i think they'll be playing serious catch up. to iphone and android and possibly windows.
    4. Palm made webos not game friendly.
    5. Bad sdk. (someone on the palmcast mentioned they had a 3d game they could port but not until they got access to some part of the os not available yet. i think that lack of access is a hurdle.)
    6. Palm failed to have a well planned out app delivery system very shortly after launch when buzz was high. Don't think they had worked out payment.
    7. Palm seem to have issues oking applications. The make of Twee posted that they stopped all WebOS development until Palm sorts themselves out. That's not a good sign. "So as I mentioned in my previous post, we do not plan on creating any more new Palm WebOS apps until Palm steps up their game and begins to foster better practices, in order to attract the excellent developers that their users deserve." This is Delicious Morsel.
    8. I don't think they have enough resources, which amazes me because, they just had an offering but maybe it all went to clearing debt. But when after three months there are so many little things that are sliding by like naming issues in the music player to the lack of features. I mean they are competing with ipods, you'd think media would be a priority. And the lack of a facebook app at launch is just dumb. Even if you have to pay facebook you do it. And it amazes me that official additions for some of the things tweaks do haven't been added. Either they are incompetent or they aren't paying attention. But the continued existence of things like that make me think they are very busy. Too busy to spend too much time getting people to make decent apps. Again all just a guess. Who knows.
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    It's simple -- the SDK is just not sophisticated enough to match what you see on iPhone. Palm chose to go in an entirely different direction with app development.
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    And the fact that the apps are programmed in completely different languages... Its not that easy to convert.

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