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    Another thing to keep in mind: there are over 7 million iPhone owners. A much bigger market with much more profit potential. To make up for this profit potential developers (especially large companies like EA) need to charge more for the application to make it worth their time. There aren't anywhere near 7 million Pre owners (yet?)...
    Actually, a more appropriate number would be 30 million. As in IPod Touch and Iphone users.
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    In addition to the huge number of iPhone/iPod Touch users vs. Pre/Pixi users, I think in general a larger percentage of Apple users are buying more apps. Apple has made a huge effort in advertising their app store. I know all the iPhone/iPod Touch users at work love buying apps. The Pre/Pixi users haven't been introduced to the app catalog in the same way mainly because there haven't been that many apps available.

    As we gain more and more apps this year, Palm really needs to step up their game in respects to advertising the apps to people. If you look at the current sales for most apps, the number of downloads pales in comparison to the number of actual devices out there. Downloading apps is second nature to Apple users and it has to become that way for Palm users if this ecosystem is going to survive. Developers will stop developing for this platform if they put a ton of time into apps and make pittance on them.
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    It's a bit of a double edged sword. If I'm looking at functionality and how much money I have to spend to get up and running with the functionality I'm used to with my previous phone, webOS is looking like an expensive option compared to Android and the iPhone; taking the carrier out of the equation.

    One nice thing in keeping my Moment around (while using the Pixi) is I have a nice hard keyboarded wifi device with nice screen. I pull it out when I need to show videos to customers or do some office type work I can't yet do on the pixi. I'd rather do that than shell out money to run my old PalmOS apps in less than stellar fashion and overpay for other programs. It may mean carrying two devices for a bit, but tossing the Moment in the bag is a no brainer. If other people simply don't pay the prices, then the demand decreases and prices will go down.
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