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    Like the police scanner app on the iPhone that alllows you to listen to your local police scanners. Or the app on the google phones that has a radar detector on it and tells you where cops are. Those would both make a tonnnnn of money.
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    Sure it would. It could make you a ton of money too. Since you'll gave the digital tools to do a heist.

    that would be great though I would rsther have a micro sd slot before a radar on my phone....

    (just being a smartass.. :-)
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    Another good one would be happening like on android... pulls all your different updates and messages from myspace, t-mobile, twitter, facebook etc.. Also I have been waiting on a app like Midomi.. Best app ever... If you havent seen it youtube it so we can all request it.. id pay 5-10 dollars for something like that..
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    Should to be added to Messaging with Synergy... (maybe 2010?)
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    Although the pre is still behind in apps, i hope to see the following apps, that are available in the iphone app store:
    1. Logmein
    2. i.TV
    3. Chase Mobile Banking
    4. AudioIn
    5. VLC Remote
    6. Jaadu VNC
    and something not in the appstore, that i would LOVE to see is a torrent app, that works on wifi, and can dl torrent straight to ure phone and can be transferred to ure comp through USB.
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    Id love a torrent app!!

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