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    has anyone had problems with reversi and where is my car installing properly? They download but do not install, the button says "download again for free" instead of "tap to launch".

    I have 2gb /var and fair dinkum installed.

    trapster and flash cards install fine
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    I had the same issue with where is my pre. the same version is in preware. I downloaded it from there and it installed fine.
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    BUMP. I'd love to know what causes this. A while ago, it was happening with Reversi, but eventually it worked. Now it's happening with Currencies.

    Also, and even stranger, I'm trying to download TMaps Philly, and it keeps immediately cancelling the download, and brings up the "App Catalog unavailable. Try again later." message. This message forces me to exit the App Catalog and go back in. All other programs are installing fine (except for "Currencies", for the reason listed above).

    I hope this is related to the App Catalog, and not to my Pre.

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