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    I have the far dunkin app limit patch that is suspose to prevent the warning for the app limit, but for some reason I'm still getting it. It was working for the few weeks that I had it installed
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    There is still a limit weather you have it installed or not. This app just releases a portion of that limit.
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    I was frustrated by the limit as well until I installed Fair Dunkin. In my experience, collecting apps can be a lot like collecting Facebook friends. At some point, you have to ask yourself which friends you actually care to stay in touch with, or which apps do I REALLY use on a consistent basis.
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    I'm having the same issue too. I had Fair Dunkin and now I'm getting Not Enough Memory Errors even after I have uninstalled apps. I want to update Tweed and it won't even let me do that.
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    Apparently the .15v of package manager includes the Fair Dunkin fix, and reports you should uninstall Fair Dunkin because of it.

    I'd double check your package manager and see if it's up to date and uninstall Fair Dunkin than.
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    I believe it's "fair dinkum". Thou shalt not blaspheme thy ROD!
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    Go here and read the thread about "Solution to App Catalog Limit". There is more to the memory issue than just apps.

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