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    I have been using SeeGo as a "homepage" for my Pre, and I love it. It has links to hundreds of iPhone-friendly pages, and the vast majority are Pre-friendly as well. Most are formatted to fit in the Pre/iPhone 320x480 space. And there are links to pages with just about any topic. Try it at - iPhone Optimized Site Directory.
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    It actually looks good on my Treo Pro with Internet Explorer.
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    Interesting interface, but same problem as most web sites when Iphone tweak is in place on the Pre and the pages not quite working/displaying content.

    Anyone using standard Pre browser on this site?

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    wow, looks great with the pre browser_ Thanks
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    great site, thanks
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    I like!
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    Hey, I've been using this one too. I was surprised to see it on here. They just added a ton of sites too. I don't think they are developing for the PRE directly, but I like it better then a lot of the apps that are out there.
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    Thanks....just bookmarked on my wifes pixie and my pre.

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