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    This is the first app I have ever purchased. I love it.

    If you are someone who likes looking at daily deals, or someone who is about to make a big purchase and wants to make sure they get the best deal, this app is for you.

    Not only does it list and update all of the major deal sites, but you can tell it to track specific items.

    For only $2, it's a no brainer. It WILL pay for itself. Also the developer is very active on these forums.
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    Thanks for the review! I am the developer of Dealert, so if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.

    Thanks again!
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    The official changelog for the new update of Dealert is as follows...

    • Feature: Feed Manager added. You can now turn on/off and re-order your feeds.
    • New Sites:,, and
    • Enhancement: Background product checking uses a lot less memory and power consumption.
    • Feature: When minimized, Dealert will notify you when it is done refreshing all feeds.
    • Bug: Fixed a few memory leaks.

    This update has been submitted and is in review.
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    Will this have Black Friday support?

    We need an app for this. The iphone has one and Im sure tehre will be a bunch of us out on Black friday looking for deals

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