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    Hello everyone,

    I don't know if anybody knows what Spotify is(1)(2)... It's a free music streaming service...but i'm guessing i can't request an app for this service, as there's only proprietary software for the Iphone and Android OS which needs a premium -paid-subscription in order to use the mobile app ... said that, there's an EXCELLENT alternative to spotify, a free service which is currently available anywhere for everyone with a web browser supporting flash.

    It's called Grooveshark (1) (2), and it has TONS of music (commercial and independent), you can find almost any song that comes to your mind and play it right from your browser, for free.

    The windows mobile user community created a free client for their smartphones, it's called Groovefish (1) (2), i have tested it in my WM phone (touch pro) and it works great, seriously having the ability to listen to any song anywhere -for free- without going to your PC and transferring the MP3 file to your phone is an awesome experience.

    For sure groovefish can be added with lots of new features, which could make it a MUST have in any phone. I can see a very dark future to any memory based MP3 player in the market (yes even the apple ipod....)...

    my two cents...
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    we will be able to access grooveshark once flash 10.1 is released.
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    sure we will, with the possibility of stripped quality from the music stream... made specially for mobile devices. Not to mention other problems like when turning off the screen and music stop playing because of the sleep state..

    An app with account log in capabilities (sync capability), friendly and useful interface would be awesome.
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    Well, for now i'll have to bring with me my WM phone, just for this one app. I really enjoy streaming music from grooveshark!.

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