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    i just saw this while i was surfing on the web !!

    IM+ for Skype :: Palm WebOS :: Products
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    This has acutually been around for a little while. It's NOT a WebOS's simply a website that Shape Services has set up that is designed for the Pre. It's a little clunky.

    It also doesn't work as well as the dedicated IM+ app that's available on other platforms. I had it on my Blackberry Storm and it worked very nice. I could make calls from my Storm WITHOUT using SkypeOut minutes (read FREE!!). This app costs you minutes whether you make or receive a call. Fail.
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    This app is ok but I wish it could run in the background without having a card open.
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    me too
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    that's pretty cool, I don't need it though.
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    Too expensive for what it is. Voxfone seems better value for money.
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    they need to improve their icons...

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