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    FYI, it says Honda Civic, but has a picuture of a Ford Mustang... such a disgrace..
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsnty View Post
    FYI, it says Honda Civic, but has a picuture of a Ford Mustang... such a disgrace..
    And a Z for the picture of a Corvette, Corvette for the picture of a Megane, Megane for the A5.
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    Apologies for that error, it's a known issue and being resolved right now, something must have gotten mixed up with a few asset ids and images. there are a few cars where that happened as you and alpinejag have pointed out. fixing immediately, stay tuned!
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    Hey All, i'm happy to inform you that the bug in which the wrong car image was showing up for a few cars has been fixed! To see this on your game, you must close the app and re-open it and the update should be in place. If this doesn't work, try closing the app and restarting your Pre. Please let me know if you guys are still seeing the wrong cars after this! (Hopefully not!) Cheers!
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    These games rock! I love them! Any ideas on when this one may hit the app cataloge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtp231 View Post
    am i missing something? how are text games like i thought racing was racing. use the accelerometer to steer, etc. i understand how difficult that is, is this fun????
    I do not understand either with some many other things the phone is capable of people find text based rpg's fun

    To me that's like buying a 60" HDTV an hooking it up to a VCR...
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    i havent tryed the other m games but this one is interesting to me.. it is short .maybe you can change it add more cash and or less gas cost to race...if not maybe notify s when where at full strength of gas,juce and health... but still a interesting game ...
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    How can you get gas refilled without having to wait forever or buring respect points? Have option to buy additional gas tank maybe.
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