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    trapster is gone. Everytime I tried to download it, I got the 'reached app limit' notification. After I deleted apps I still got the message. Now, its just gone, off the app list. Is there somewhere else I can download it?
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    gone from the app list and stopped working on my pre, found out as I was putting in a laser trap...wouldn't load, so I reset and deleted it and went to redownload. I'm a huge fan of palm, bit the antics with apps coming and going...and worse ceasing to work regardless is getting old. My guess is these apps are cripped by palm one they are pulled.

    just as a heads up, anyone driving the new york state thruway or other interstates in NY, radar is rarely used so expect laser traps. And they have been aggressive over the last 18 months
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    Trapster pulled the app,not Palm. They found some faults in the program and hope to have a new version in Apps again very soon. Go to , on what the faults are.
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    They were captured by the man, the 5.0, the fuzz.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    cool...hopefully that explains why the app stopped working.

    its too bad they can't have an error message come up when they deactivate an app.
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    Hmm, still working for me. I'm going to keep it running and see what happens.
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    From Trapster's website on 10/21:

    Important announcement (updated 10/21): The WebOS app that was previously posted had some serious issues that did not show up until a large number of users tried to use the app simultaneously. We were forced to shut off the app. We have already fixed the problem, but some additional issues were uncovered in testing. We hope to have an update posted this week. We are very sorry about the trouble. Thank you for your patience.
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    For now, I just deleted it. Not a fan of anything that could tank the battery...
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    Thanks all for this information
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    I started a thread @ this the other day...while searchin for it I found this, now I know. I'm happy its comin back, but who knows when. These things can take some time. What a great app. This will be when its workin correctly. I live in an arrest happy cop town who are way too bored so I need this!

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