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    I read that this app can auto dial with one tap, can it auto redial on busy? we need an app like that
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    I too would not like a dashboard icon. It's a dealbreaker to me.

    I also hate the idea of the app running all the time in the backround. My Pre bogs down enough already, that I look to eliminate anything that might run something in the backround. Even though I really like how Launchpoint dials my numbers directly, I would stop using it if I knew it would add a backround process.

    Thanks for polling for users feedback.

    Mitch in NYC
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    Add me to the NO Dashboard option. I also am not thrilled that Palm has messed with how apps open, but for me, the .001 milisecond it takes to toss off the extra card is still worth it to me. I LOVE this app, its the only one I really do use 50 or more times in any given day. I dont want to keep things open and I dont want anything resident on my phone after Im done with a call or a text.

    Keep bugging Palm I guess for better access to an API or some way to get past this, but if that cant happen, I can deal with the extra card, way better than I could with a dashboard.

    Im the same as anotehr poster, my launcher page 1 is all contacts..
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    I would rather not have a dashboard icon. I am also a bit leery of having anything running in the background that could slow my phone down. Don't take this wrong, as I do love the app!
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    A quick update, and then I have to get back to coding.

    It looks like I can fix the straggling card issue for dedicated dial, email and text launchpoints by making them work the way they worked way back when LaunchPoint was a homebrew app. Under the old execution model, launchpoints would link directly to the phone, email and messaging apps. When tapped, the launcher would launch the corresponding app directly and the LaunchPoint app would not be executed at all.

    At the time LaunchPoint was released to the App Catalog, I changed the execution model so that launchpoints would call the LaunchPoint app, which would in turn call the phone, email or messaging app. This is how the App Catalog version has always functioned. The overhead of LaunchPoint running in between tapping a launchpoint and the correct app being launched was very minimal. The webOS 1.4 release, which forces each running process to display a splash screen, changed that, as we all know.

    I believe the proper solution at this point is to change the execution model back to the old method. Launchpoints will point directly to the corresponding app, and LaunchPoint will never be executed, so there will be no LaunchPoint card left over to throw away.

    There are 2 slight downsides, explained below, but until Palm fixes things, I think the advantages outweigh the downsides. Again, your feedback on these matters is greatly appreciated.

    Downside #1: you will need to recreate your launchpoints to take advantage of the new (old) execution method. A launchpoint is a pointer to a webOS app, with parameters to pass to the app, so all of your existing launchpoints point to "LaunchPoint Speed Dial", which then calls the correct app and passes the parameters (phone number, email address, etc.). New launchpoints will have to be created so that they can point directly to the proper app.

    Downside #2: the reason I switched the execution method in the first place was because it would allow me to add new functionality in the future. Because the current execution model first calls the LaunchPoint app, it would allow me to do things like store a history of the most recently and most frequently used launchpoints. This was to be used for the "call history" screen I've been working on. If I switch the execution method back, the launchpoints will execute the phone app, etc. directly and LaunchPoint will not be notified and will not be able to store any usage history. Adding any sort of call history would have to wait until palm returns webOS to it previous state in regards to launching apps.

    So far the responses have been overwhelming in terms of you the users not wanting a background-running dashboard process, at least not without the option of turning such a feature on or off. By switching to the old execution method, I can enable dedicated launchpoints to work as well as they have in the past without any background process running.

    Popup launchpoints are a different issue. It seems that with the 1.4 update, you can not execute a popup (a dialog that only uses the bottom half of the screen, without opening up a full card) without first opening up a full card. Having to wait for a full card to load, just to display a popup, is definitely not an ideal solution.

    As explained in a previous post, if LaunchPoint is already running, as a minimized card or in the dashboard, then popups work correctly. Therefore, I think I will add the option for those that choose to do so, to run a dashboard process that will allow popup launchpoints to execute quickly. This will be completely under your control and you will be able to close the dashboard process any time you choose. I have been testing this for the last 24 hours, and it seems to work quite well, but I understand that many (most) people do not like anything taking up precious screen space in the notification area.

    Please respond with your thoughts concerning my ideas. I'm hoping to have something submitted to Palm tomorrow. They seem to be pushing updates to the App Catalog rather quickly, so you should see an update soon.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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    It sounds like this strategy is well thought out. I say proceed! And THANK YOU for sharing your thinking and being so responsive
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    I realize the old method may not be idea for all of us but, I'd rather have LaunchPoint work immediately rather the long pause or even failure to function at all that is now happening.
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    There are other apps (like Brightness Unlinked) that remove the dashboard notification after a few seconds. (Not sure if 1.4 has broken that.) Might that work for this app too?
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    Im ok with the old way (no extra card) or the new way (having to toss off the extra card). The only option I dont like is the dashboard.

    It would be a bit of a pain to have to re do all my launchpoints, but do able.
    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
    Cell History: Bag Phone, Brick Phone, Various Micro Tacs, Treo's, Centro, the PRE!

    I Pre

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    Thank you worthb. I am favor of your latest suggestion: enable the old launchpoint execution method and have the option of running a background process for those that want that. I am happy to redo my Launchpoints - I only have about 15.
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    worthb - Your plan seems sound to me. Thanks!

    Mitch in NYC
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    Quote Originally Posted by worthb View Post
    Again, your feedback on these matters is greatly appreciated.
    Do it! I only have one launchpoint, and its a direct dial, not a popup. The only person I actually call is my wife, everyone else I just text or answer their call. I paid for the app mainly because I saw it grow from a homebrew to an official app, and I want to see apps for the Pre succeed.
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    worthb -Dude i appreciate your work ethic and atleast checking with us to get feedback before making any changes, your plans sound great to me.
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    Without popups would you need multiple launch points per person? For instance, currently I hit the icon for my wife and then I get choices to call her, text her or email. Are we going to need 3 icons to accomplish this now?

    I don't hate the full screen pop up so much but if it takes that much real estate, how about spacing in between each pop up choice so that the choices are easier to select?
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    I LOVE how the pop-ups give me choices on how I want to communicate with someone. I pray we don't lose this functionality. It was fabulous before the 1.4 update!
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    For those who prefer popups, no need to fear. The popup functionality is not going away.

    I am finishing final testing this evening and will be submitting my updates to the app catalog. Hopefully the review team will be able to approve it quickly.

    Dedicated launchpoints are FAST again! And, no more pesky leftover cards to throw away. I think you will all be pleased with the results.

    For now, popups will take a few extra seconds to load as they do currently, unless you have the background process running in the dashboard. With the background process running, popups open instantly.

    Back to testing. I will post here when the update is available in the app catalog.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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    Do you think the functionality to create three dedicated launchpoints will be included? I would love that option.
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    Using the current version, I noticed that pop-ups do not create a leftover card to throw away like dedicated launchpoints do. Anyone else notice this?

    If this is the case, would it be wise to just create pop-ups all of the time and set autodial at like 1 second for the contacts you just want to automatically dial? Any downsides to using this method?
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    I really can't wait for this update to be released...because I love launchpoint and have a whole first launcher page full of popups and dedicated dails...i almost deleted them all yesterday and the app because that extra splash card is very annoying...can be slow...and the app sometimes doesn't even work at all...trying to use launchpoint while driving yesterday was almost a deal break....come on update! Fav app here!
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    The finishing touches were applied to LaunchPoint 0.9.0 over the weekend and it has been submitted to the app catalog. Hopefully the review process will go quickly.

    While you are waiting, below is the updated app catalog description. Oh, did I mention "GROUP TEXT LAUNCHPOINTS"? Yes, that's right, now you can message multiple recipients with a single tap!!! This is true multiple recipient texting, not a hacked-up workaround. Some carriers limit you to 20 recipients, but I believe there are even patches available to remove such limitations.


    The people you contact most often are now a single tap away. Now featuring GROUP TEXT launchpoints!!!

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial lets you create photo icons of your contacts right in the launcher. These "launchpoints" can be assigned a phone number to dial, an email address, or a mobile number to text. You can even create "GROUP TEXT" launchpoints, enabling you to message multiple people with a single tap.

    Launchpoints can be dedicated to dial, email or text or you can also create a "popup" launchpoint that gives you the choice to perform all functions using a single launchpoint. Optional auto-dial allows the flexibility of a popup with single-tap convenience.

    All information comes directly from your contact list, and if the contact has a photo, it will be used for the launchpoint icon.

    For the fastest access possible, you can move a launchpoint onto the quick-launch bar at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to access this launchpoint instantly with the wave gesture, the swipe-up gesture or by pressing the center button, even when you are using another app.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial- there's no faster way to dial, email or text, period.

    ***RELEASE NOTES*** Version 0.9.0 ***
    New Features:

    Message multiple people with a single tap! ***

    Run LaunchPoint Speed Dial in the dashboard to speed up launch times even more. Eliminates all splash screen cards when launching new or existing launchpoints.

    Fixed multiple issues introduced by webOS 1.4 update.

    Newly created dedicated launchpoints will not open an interim card, they will initiate the dialer or messaging apps directly.

    Splash screen cards do not remain after call or messaging app is closed.

    Popup launchpoints open as popups instead of full-screen cards.

    Overall speed and performance increases.

    Workaround for the "Unknown" SMS issue. See in-app release notes for details on workaround.


    Thank you all for your patience. I'm sorry it took so long, but I hope it's worth the wait!


    EDIT: Big thanks to those who helped with beta testing (you know who you are). I have also given preview copies to a few select individuals that have contributed in the past with beta testing. They may be posting their experiences in this forum prior to the official app catalog release. Please do not ask me for a preview copy. I apologize, but I am not allowed to distribute them outside of my circle of beta testers.
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    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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