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    I did the Sprint Franken Pre 2 swap in late August and everything with Launchpoint transferred fine. However, today I deleted a LP so I could update the phone number for a contact and I discovered the white screen of death when I tried to create the new one.

    Hello, anybody out there? Is this app dead except for old LPs?!
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    I know this is a self-serving plug, but Shortcut Launcher can do the same thing for email and dialer on the TouchPad. We are working on the port to the Veer and Pre(x) lines.

    Take a look in the HP catalog. Also there are some tutorial videos that will give you a good idea of the product functionality at

    On my 4G TouchPad, Pre3 or Panda-Veer.
    If you like our patches, please consider donating to the cause.

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