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    Very odd - electricpig, in their post: Top 10 apps for the Pre [can't give you the link since I'm a newbie here - frustrating - but go look at the website and head for October 16th] just a few days ago reported on (and had a screenshot) of a London Underground App ("TubeApp" apparently), but there's no sign of it in my app catalogue...

    Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, but I'd love to get hold of it - anyone else heard anything?
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    Ive seen it mentioned online as well, i think the reason its not in the catalogue is because it is [or will be] a paid app, so can't be accessed in the UK.

    This might be utter cods as i can't update from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 as i don't have a strong enough signal. But then i also thought paid apps in the UK wouldn't come until 1.3?
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    Sadly I can tell you that 1.1.3 doesn't bring paid apps... shame... but your explanation about the app would make sense. I wonder how long we have to wait for the paid stuff?
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    I would hope some time in November, i think any longer and Palm are having a laugh.
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    Couldn't agree more with the November urgency - I've heard talk that that's when Europe and American Os versions will "sync" - i.e. that we'll skip the intervening ones... we can but live in hope!!
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    This sums up why I haven't bothered buying a Pre yet here in the Uk.

    Will stick with the Treo until Apps like these get themselves sorted. Also includes e reader and Splash ID.

    Once the tube and others come online, then I will buy the Pre.
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    Anyone have any news on a TFL Tube App?
    I guess I'm thinking something along the lines of "Tube Deluxe" app for iPhone.
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    Palm please hurry up with this app!
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    Still hasn't appeared despite the paid App Catalog going international, oddly.

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