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    Radio Hibiki for webOS 25,000 live radio stations on Palm Pre, upcoming Pixi

    Radio Hibiki for Palm webOS (Palm Pre, Pixi) - operation 9

    * Unintrusive, minimal user interface
    * Integrates both SHOUTcast™ Radio andIcecast
    * My Favorites with running play count
    * Recently Played list with timestamp
    * Integrated, HTML5-optimized stream player
    * Shake your way to a random favorite
    * Sleep Timer to maximize battery life
    * Works over WiFi and 3G
    * Size optimized to be lightweight on your device
    * Ready for the upcoming Pixi
    * …and more features to come!
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    Nice! When is soon? Ineed this now! Once I have this, an agenda app, and a Podcast app I can be done with homebrew forever! (homebrew apps/quick install/dev mode cause major lag issues on my phone. Runs 100x smoother without.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel0418 View Post
    Nice! When is soon? Ineed this now! Once I have this, an agenda app, and a Podcast app I can be done with homebrew forever! (homebrew apps/quick install/dev mode cause major lag issues on my phone. Runs 100x smoother without.
    I already summited a contact message to them about COMING SOON When I recieve an answer from them I will let you know.
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    how much will you be charging?
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    I just downloaded the homebrew version and it's really good. I think I will be upgrading when the paid comes out.

    Even though this is pretty insignificant, i just want to say thank you for not using the same old gray interface a lot of the apps are using. I find that it makes the apps seem cheap to me. Not only does you app look more High Quality it performs on higher quality. Strange complaint but i can't stand all those gray apps. UI is important to me, one of the reasons i choose the pre. Any way good app.
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    Sweet, can't wait for it to come out!

    Will your app show cover art or no? Not that important, just wondering.
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    Great I hope it will come on the next apps cargo
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    is someone working on support, do you think? (anyone)
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    I've personally looked into it, and specifically denies API access to mobile devices. If it were available, I'd create an app around it (or integrate it into Radio Hibiki) in a heartbeat.
    oh that really sucks on their end. I guess they stopped with the iphone and android apps. I really don't understand why. i'm ready to throw down some serious cash to get my stations on my pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    It's all about rights protection, kbritt31. If they ever relent and offer it again, you'll see me on top of it immediately. My app is about offering the most robust streaming experience possible to my users.
    oh well...25k stations sounds pretty good anyways, am looking forward to the app!
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    Great news, thanks for sharing. Can't wait!
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    Last.FM is in bed with Microsoft now, aren't they? I think they will be available on the Xbox360 after the next xbox live update. Maybe that's why they don't do mobile devices anymore?
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    Great app! One feature that would be useful: Detect if a bluetooth stereo profile disconnects and stop playback or exit when that occurs. Why? Car head units. I want to stop the stream and exit when I turn the car off.
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    I thought Shoutcast was owned by AOL. oh well. I loved shoutcast when I had my dell axim and just for nostalgia installed it on my iPhone. Still a great app. It's free on the iPhone so can't imagine it being different here.

    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Owned by CBS.
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    and its incredibility cheap. nice
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    Vanadium, purchased Hibiki last night great app. Lots of good reviews except for the ***** that said all the stations stink. I'm sure he listened to at least 10,000 of them. Keep up the good work.
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    Really nice app and very competitively priced. However, I have run into one issue - any idea why the Rock section wont load when I search by genre? Every other genre listing I tried loaded just fine.

    Also, some stations don't display what's currently playing like ChroniX Radio Aggression and Grit stations. Does that depend on how the station stream the songs?
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    I've been using this app non-stop and I think something needs to be done to make it easier to read while in the car. I want to be able to glance at the app and be able to quickly pick something and navigate. The buttons for play/stop are too small also and aren't always there which make it tough as well.
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    Just an FYI I set the sleep timer last night but woke up to it still playing this morning. Not sure if I did it wrong (set the timer before starting a stream) so I'll try it again later.
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