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    @vanadium Great app, purchased app store version.
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    Okee, I bought the version you put on the app catalog, so now I don't feel bad about asking for features :-p. How about letting the music continue to play when you go back to station lists? Please? You can disregard the request for bluetooth detection. New car head unit now lets me control the Pre's media playing. Yay!

    Also, the option to launch into the favorites list would be nice. I guess since I only have a single favorite (radio paradise, FTW!) the shake functionality deals with that for now :-)

    Thanks for the nice app, Vanadium.
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    A couple of observations on my commute home in the car tonight (first time I've ever used hibiki over a2dp). Comparing to Broadcast Radio, which is what I was replacing mainly due to no active development there:

    - harsh sound? This may have just been the station over-modulating tonight, but it was never this way before, so I'm thinking maybe not. Distortion/static in the high range. This is over a2dp, haven't tried with headphones yet.

    - no avrcp support? I was surprised to find that I couldn't pause/start via my car's head unit as I could with Broadcast Radio. I thought that was handled automatically by WebOS's stream handling, since we don't have lower level access, but perhaps not? Can this be added to hibiki?
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    updated to 1.1

    now nothing plays. Stuck at "obtaining stream" anybody else have this problem? Is there a fix/workaround?

    broadcast still works fine. I'd prefer to get hibiki working again though.

    It's only exhibiting this behavior with certain stations, and I'm not sure what is different about them. The 128Kbps Radio Paradise mp3 stream is a good test case.

    Also, I'm noticing that AAC streams are not playing at all, so I always have to find a mp3 equivalent. This sorta sucks, as I'd like a 64Kbps stream on AAC, and the only mp3 lower-rate streams I've found are 56 or 32.
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    I'm unable to even install the update. After tapping the "Update" icon, Radio Hibiki shows up, and when I tap to install, it thinks for a couple of seconds, then the yellow triangle with exclamation point shows up on the right. No other information about why the install failed.

    Any thoughts?
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    I ended up going through the App Catalog and downloaded the update there. No problems with installation that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Just an FYI, if you run into any issues, please send them through my contact form, which is the quickest way to get my attention as I oftentimes can't keep up with all the threads. Alternatively, you can email me directly through the "Help" section inside the app. It also helps me keep a record of issues in one place for future reference.

    knobbysideup: Which stream exactly? Send me more details through the above methods and I'll try to replicate on my end. Haven't run into that problem here yet.

    dforemsky: That's a very good question; it honestly sounds like an App Catalog issue. There have been a rash of reports of apps not installing, pretending to install then saying "Install again for free", etc. (I had that problem with "Currencies" the other day, in fact.)
    Hey Vanadium,

    I edited my post above with more details. Radio Paradise's 128kbps stream seems to always have the problem. I can't test here at work, as I have no cell signal at all here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    knobby: That one is in fact working strangely. Looks like a possibly-malformed PLS is being brought down from the server exclusively from their 128k station. I'll have a closer look at it after work today and add some logic to compensate for this unique issue. Haven't once encountered it before, but have encountered playlists without an actual stream link in them (which RH looks for and detects). Anyway, thanks for the head's up.

    I'm not having any AAC playback issues here, though. Just tested the other Radio Paradise stations, both MP3/AAC, and they work just fine. There was a known, long-standing issue with some AAC stations playing back at half-speed (which was out of my hands and I'd reported to Palm long ago), but it appears 1.3.1 fixed that.

    If you have any other problems at all, drop me a line via email.
    No worries, thanks for looking into it!

    Looking forward to continued play when going back to the lists, and the ability to re-order favorite stations (I'm assuming the latter is in the works?).

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    It has been awhile since there has been an update, has development stopped?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    It has been awhile since there has been an update, has development stopped?

    Would love to see the car-mode with large easy to read buttons. Maybe just waiting to do a PDK app that can show a spectrum analyzer and such :-)
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    keep up the great work, one of my favorite apps for streaming Coast to Coast re-runs on Shoutcast
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    I wish there was a way to integrate UK radio stations to this...namely radio 1 :/
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    Nice update! A couple of humble suggestions:

    - The dashboard is only used if you nav away from the play screen. That means that if I work within another app, I have to first navigate away from the play screen before opening that other app if I want to see and control my music. Best example of this is in the car with sprint nav. Can you have the dashboard pop any time hibiki does not have focus?

    - No dashboard when locked? Although, I may have only noticed that with the above setting. If changing that fixes it, cool. Even better, can you have the app (or give us a preference) to keep the phone from locking when streaming? I can get around it with nodoze, but it would be nice to just run hibiki and let it handle that. Again, in the car, don't want to have to constantly unlock to see what song is playing.

    - Reorder of favorites via standard hold-drag

    Thanks for all the effort. Glad to see you are releasing again!
    : (){:|:&};:
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    I would like to request that there be a switch somewhere in the prefs to lock the orientation of the screen. Many times when I hit a bump or make a large turn the screen switches to landscape mode.

    Also, the song title scrolling should only happen when it is longer than the available space.

    Just my personal preferences. Otherwise this is a great app and I use it a lot. This was the first app I paid for when paid apps where available to Canada.
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    So being in Canada, Does Hibiki work over a EV-DO? Because Radiotime and Accuradio work fine on wi-fi, but it is very hit and miss over EV. Thanks in advance...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Please be sure to email me at support @ if you're having issues and, if you're enjoying your experience, rate the app in the App Catalog!

    As part of the 'paid' Hot Apps competition, I'm working VERY hard to get into the next ($1,000) tier of apps eligible for a prize. Help Radio Hibiki make it happen while supporting independent developers!
    Just rated this app in the catalog. Good luck!
    Bell Palm Pre - The longer I have it the more I do with it.
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