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    Quote Originally Posted by brentb View Post
    9:14 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
    9:14 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    9:15 PM Support session established with Simon.

    9:15 PM Simon: Hello.
    9:15 PM Simon: How may I help you today?
    9:15 PM Brent : When will paid apps be made available to Canadian palm pre owners?
    9:16 PM Simon: I understand that you to know the release date for Paid applications for Bell mobility users.
    9:17 PM Simon: I will be glad to assist you.
    9:17 PM Brent : yes, when will the app catalog be udated from beta to support the paid apps that are currently available to us sprint customers
    9:18 PM Simon: I am sorry, I don't know the exact date.
    9:18 PM Simon: Please check our Web Site for updates.
    9:18 PM Brent : roughly? what is the holdup?
    9:18 PM Simon: Once the applications are available, you will be notified.
    9:20 PM Simon: I am sorry, I don't have any time frame.
    9:20 PM Brent : ok, is there a supervisor there that can be of more help. I bought this phone expecting to be able to get applications for it
    9:21 PM Simon: Give me a minute.
    9:22 PM Brent : ok
    9:28 PM Simon: I am sorry for the delay.
    9:28 PM Brent : ok hi
    9:29 PM Brent : any answers? Paid apps have been available in the app catalog in the US since Oct 5.
    9:29 PM Simon: Please be on hold while I transfer the chat to Supervisor.
    9:30 PM Brent : ok

    9:30 PM Transferring session to another technician...
    9:30 PM Support session established with Saben.

    9:31 PM Saben: Hello Brent, this is supervisor Saben.
    9:31 PM Brent : hi. my question is when will paid apps be made available to Canadian palm pre users in the app catalog
    9:31 PM Saben: I understand that you are trying to
    9:32 PM Brent : US pre owners have been able to purchase apps since Oct 5
    9:32 PM Saben: I am sorry, I understand that you are looking for paid application on device.
    9:32 PM Saben: Yes, you are correct.
    9:33 PM Brent : so when will Canadian owners be able to purchase apps, and why the 2nd class treatment for us?
    9:33 PM Saben: As of now, the paid app catalog is available for US only.
    9:33 PM Saben: We do not have any info on the future release.
    9:34 PM Saben: Once it is available, the info will be posted in our website.
    9:34 PM Saben: Also you will get a update regarding this on your Pre Phone.
    9:34 PM Brent : ok so noone knows any dates. thanks
    9:34 PM Saben: I request you to wait till the paid app catalog is available for canada.
    9:35 PM Saben: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    9:35 PM Brent : no thanks
    Turing test FAIL.
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    More info for us Canadians. I spent 30 minutes with Palm Technical Support on the GPS problems we have been experiencing of late. They admit that there is a service ticket open for this problem although they thought it was resolved. In any event, while on the phone, I raised the issue of paid apps for Canadians and I was told that there is a support ticket open on this issue with Palm and that Palm has yet to resolve the problem and that Palm has not given them an ETA for the resolution of this problem.

    The guy I was speaking to seemed to be well informed and it did not sound like a canned answer.
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    Thanks. GPS today seems to be fine in Vancouver, yesterday was wonky.
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    I'm fine with the gps, except, i want a gps app... I currently use google maps, and it's fine, but would like step by step directions.
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    I am also very frustrated with the content available to Canadians. I was so excited about the pre that I got it on the first day... big mistake since Bell has since dropped the price to $0 with a 3 year contract. Anyway, the App catalog has been giving me a lot of trouble, allowing me to download an app, then requesting a system restart, and after that a message saying that the app is not available in my country. Unfortunately either due to different privacy laws and mobile providers or more likely our relatively small smartphone market, us Canadians get the shaft.
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