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    Anyone know what happened to Trapster...i saw this in the app cat. the other day, but cant find it anywhere now. If anyone knows anything...please fill us in. Thanks
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    There are other posts about Trapster out here, just do a search for Trapster and you should find them. Evidently there were some issues with it. Someone from Trapster, Sean I think, has been posting about it. They are aware of the issues and taking steps to correct. His response out here on precentral has been great. He has posted several times today. Glad to see their involvement.
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    think they pulled it an update should be available any day
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    ate too much memory. Froze my phone. I think they are fixing it.
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    Yes I believe it ate too much memory, I still have the app installed on the phone. It would not release the memory after it was stopped. When I run it, I get the too many cards error. I am really hopeful for an update.

    Look on their website, they found the issue. I suspected as much, it worked when brand new, but after a day or two it crashed.

    "Important announcement (updated 10/21): The WebOS app that was previously posted had some serious issues that did not show up until a large number of users tried to use the app simultaneously. We were forced to shut off the app. We have already fixed the problem, but some additional issues were uncovered in testing. We hope to have an update posted this week. We are very sorry about the trouble. Thank you for your patience."
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    I loaded the app when it first came out and it worked very well. Combined with my radar detecor I was feeling pretty good. Even when the radar didnt go off, it was a good reminder to slow down. Most spots it alerted had the tell tail signs of a police hiding spot (grooves in the grass from their tires from months of using that spot). I havent tried it here in the city yet.
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    I tried the app when it first came out and it was unusable, which is presumably why they pulled it and updated it.

    I would really like to use this but am hesitant based on my initial experience. It was causing out of memory conditions even when it wasn't running and the maps were *extremely* slow.

    What are people's impression of how the app is working now?
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    It still doesn't work well for me. It won't scroll the map properly as you drive and it is nearly impossible to move the screen around or zoom in and out. It seems to work much better on the iPhone.
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    Latest update seems to help with my map moving. I set my trap alerts to high confidence, which seems to work pretty well. Just remember it depends on user input, so the more we can grade the traps the better experience it will be for all.
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    anyone else having a problem with the notifications? When she says "police often hide here" all I get is "police often hide he" it is very anoying, not enough to stop using...just anoying.

    also, the original version had an option to not turn the backlight off, and that went away (for me) with the update after it came back to the catalog, I am assuming that this is the same for all but I thought I would ask if that was, so is it?


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