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    This is webapp for the iPhone that I found, I didn't make this but want to share it because it's helpful for using CTA Bus Tracker quickly and neatly on the Pre, if it's bookmarked.

    Should be good until we get out own app!

    CBT : iPhone Chicago Bus Tracker
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    There is a guy that made a CTA tracker lite verion on the Android platform. I sent him a request to see if he could make one on the WEBos platform. Google thame. You will see it. Ican't link on here yet.
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    I have created and published CTA Tranzit on the Web OS App Catalog. It is very easy to use and has quick searching of bus routes and stops.

    I have uploaded a couple screen shots. Check it out.

    Note: There have been problems with the App Catalog reviews. I have notified Palm and hoping they can resolve soon. The ratings have been overall good as witnessed by the 4 stars which is still visable.
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