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    has anyone noticed that espns pre site will not work anymore and is there a way o fix this? I saw somewhere there is a way to make the net see your phone as an I phone is there anything I can do. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
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    Yea, it probably will be back up and running later though.
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    I am having the same issue.
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    working for me now...wasn't working all day today
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    The mobile espn site doesn't work sometimes (one reason or another). When this happens just google espn and follow the link the the regular (non mobile) site.

    I personally like to use the non mobile version on my Pre because from the reg. site I have more control over my fantasy leagues.

    I find it shows better in landscape mode, but you still need to zoom.

    hope this helps next time it happens to ya.
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    i have had trouble with the espn mobile site if I try to refresh too many times, I have found that a quick clearing of cookies resolves the issue

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