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    I agree with the idea that there is a memory leak. Because Anytime I start this app I have to reset my phone in order to get it working at full speed again. Atleast it's not just me as I originally feared.
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    response from "Trapster" on future improvements:

    thanks for the kind words. I don't know how long you've been a Trapster user , but the old iPhone app took forever to load. That got fixed when Apple added MapKit, the maps API. Unfortunately the Pre doesn't have anything like that *- yet. Hopefully they will add it soon!


    Was messing around with trapster 3.0 for the iphone. Works really good and can't Wait for palm to update there mapkit(api) so trapster can upgrade our version of trapster.
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    trapster is back in the app catalog. Downloading now
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    Why isn't Trapster for webOS a fully supported app like it is on Android? (and probably iOS)

    I would like to be able to use all features (dangerous intersection, road closed...) All that is available are police traps.

    I use this trap everyday on my way to work and back but would like to have it be full featured!

    I hope this gets updated soon!!

    Does anyone else use this app for webOS?
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