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    Is anyone working on a Mahjong tile game for the Pre (WebOS)?

    My GF and I joke around that she wont get a Pre or Pixi until such a game is offered.
    And I would like to see one as well. I would even pay money for it :-P

    Any developer stepping up to the plate or does anyone know of a mahjong tile app out there?
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    I'm working on one.
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    I've been waiting for this too. Thanks Vermithrax for working on one!
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    You da man, Vermithrax!!! Best of luck getting it going!
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    Vermithrax, glad to hear you're working on it.

    PJongg for the PalmOS was one of my favorites (still sorta works in Classic). Perhaps you could aim for something like that? The problem with Mahjongg games is that to fit all the tiles on the screen, the tiles can end up pretty small. I guess landscape mode would be ideal, but then it's hard to use keyboard shortcuts.
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    Sneak peek at Astraware Mahjong - coming soon to Palm Pre. The video shows game play, effects and awards, no sound.

    A short preview of Astraware Mahjong on Palm Pre

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    Shoulda made a new thread instead of necrobumping this one. But thats cool. Might pick that up when it comes out. There's also a couple Mahjong Solitaire ones in the catalog already. I got the regular one from NO2, and it rocks.
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    Check the app catalogue for a game called Lopan. Mahjong style game with multiple configurations. Hope this helps....
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    Do you mean like the actual Mahjong game or the matching tiles game?

    I've been playing Mahjong Solitare Free for the longest time, it's in App Cat.

    As for actual Mahjong I still have Pocket Mahjong running in Classic.
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