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    If so, does it work as you expected?
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    Answering my own post here. Just bought it, it's hung on "Retrieving location". Google maps picks up my location right away. I'm outside and it's clear. I can't get any farther with the program until it gets a location.

    Initially, of course, I'm annoyed it won't get my current location.
    But I'm also a little concerned that I can't manually set one. In other words, it would be nice if I could put in addresses and it would locate those so I could set wallpapers for locations before I get there.

    But, whatever. I'll check out their website and see if there is some support option.

    My first app store purchase experience so far is a "meh".
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    I too purchased this app. It hardly ever find the location, and in my experience, it does not appear to actually work in the background. Yet another reason why I believe there should be trials before you buy.

    right now I am watching the UT game at my friend's house, and I set a picture, and after my phone has been off a few minutes, it returns to the roaming picture. If I open the preferences, it will eventually find the location and change the wallpaper, but it's quite annoying.
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    I am disappointed in this program, as well. It doesn't get a gps fix very well and made my phone slow down to a crawl even if I disable it and reset the phone. I deleted the program and my Pre is fast again.

    Sorry I purchased this one.
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    why not try Switcharoo
    it works as soon as it is installed
    and it does not suck up battery life by using the gps location
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    The whole point of the application was to use GPS... I would assume if people didn't care about that feature, they would have chosen Switcharoo in the first place.
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    I've been using this for a few days and haven't noticed much of the above. It seems to work fine for me.

    Of course there are a few things on my wish list for the app, like:
    - Change sound volume by location
    - Enable/disable vibrate by location
    - Change sounds played for alerts and notifications by location

    I would really love a "smart" phone that knows to automatically change entire "profiles" (perhaps entire theme applied, sounds, vibration, maybe even forcing Sprint only/automatic/roaming only network choices?) based upon where I am. Then I wouldn't have to do anything other than arrive at the office for my phone to become "office friendly" with sounds, etc.-- and have it change to something that fits my tastes more when I leave.
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    I have all of the above mentioned problems and I eventually deleted the app. Waste of money. I also think I'm the only person who Switcharoo doesn't work well for either. Yes, the point of Chameleon was that the wallpaper changed with the gps, but I have/take a ton of photos and Switcharoo would be nice so that I could have them switched automatically for me...Maybe I'll try again. For now, I just manually change my backgrounds when the spirit moves me.

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