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    There are now 3 Google Voice apps in the app store. Which one are you guys using? I'm still trying to figure out GV. Is the paid one worth the money compared to the free ones?

    Opinions welcome
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    I personally like gDial Pro. It has a favorites, the phone dialer works like the native one where you can simply start typing a name and pick from the filtered list.
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    i thought there was two apps
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    I use gDial Pro atm as well. Seems very polished and... It's free!

    i'd buy dkgooglevoice if it's a lot better but so far I am not convinced of that yet.
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    i was wondering the same thing...i tried the p2dialer but didnt like it...tried the gdial pro and it seems to do everything GV needs it to do...was thinking about buying dk's app but i dont think i need to bc i really like what gdial pro does...but i do like dk's look...hmm...
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    Add my vote for gDial Pro. Developer is very responsive and active in the Homebrew thread for his app.
    I haven't seen the same responsiveness from Dolphinking (sorry dolphinking if you read this. You had a strong starting but got lax and let flpalm surpass you).

    And at the moment, as far as I'm aware (I'm not buying dkgooglevoice to find out) only gdial Pro is able to download and play voice mail messages left on Google Voice.
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