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    Am I missing something or do we really have 150 apps and zero apps that act as a scoreboard for different sports? Would love to see one soon.
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    There is the NFL app which isn't to bad really. Also the NASCAR app (sport?). I fine that Google works well for MLB.
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    I was working on a tiddlywinks app, but my screen kept cracking when I tried to do a pop a counter into the pot and track the tiddlies.
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    New NCAA app but a little to much $$$ for my liking....
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    I'm going to buy the ncaa app not because it is going to be useful or I play college football, but solely on the fact that the screenshot in the app catalog shows our score from the university of idaho versus colorado state game, and not to brag but I had 2 touchdowns that game, and since they displayed that for the world I will be giving them my 5 dollars

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