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    First off, great forum, since getting my pre this has been one of my most visited web pages. I find myself checking the new topics/reviews/apps several times a day.

    I just notice the article for the updated apps and seen that the survivor app for watching full episodes and character bios etc was listed as having an update. I used this numerous times to catch up on shows i missed durring some down time.

    well.... not anymore, updates are usually a good thing right??? not in this case as I am a bell mobility subscriber this update has now restricted the use to only sprint users.

    maybe I'm the only one, but I doubt that... so just a heads up to all you canadian pre users with this app... DO NOT UPDATE.

    now maybe this became restricted before I did the update I cannot say.

    Any bell users have this app who havent done the update?? is it working??
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    This is a couple of months old, but I want to give it a bump and see if anyone has gotten this working on Bell.

    I had the App installed a few months ago for my girlfriend, but removed it shortly after cause she had no use for it. Now that she has finally got me into the show, I wanted it to catch up on some stuff, but it appears its no longer in the App Catalog.
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