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    I really thought I saw one, but now I have spent about 2 hours looking for it again and I cannot find it. I want an app that I can tell to use a certain folder that contains photos and change my wall paper at a set interval. I have looked in the app catalog and the preware apps.
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    Switcharoo in homebrew allows you to choose a folder of images and switch the wallpaper at different time intervals. I have it set to five minutes so every time I use my Pre I have a different background
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    I knew I saw it. I don't think that app is available at the moment.
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    Check your mailbox. Santa came early.

    You can thank me later
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    Thanks, I downloaded the file, but I cannot install it just yet b/c I don't want to wait for my pre to reboot to put it back in devmode.
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    I couldn't wait, the app is installed, now I can leave to go home.
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    so far so good. Now I just have to load up my pre with pics.

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